Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Rae & Adina
Rae and I met on just over two years ago. It was funny--we had both seen one another's profile, and even printed them out--but continued to date other people, seemingly never bound to get together. After what was several months of continuously dating others yet still searching PNO profiles regularly, Rae says my profile came up in every search she would do. So she emailed me.
When I saw her email, I knew exactly who she was and remembered her profile--I was thrilled that she listed SUV's as one of the things she hated! We started to date a week later. After 4 months of casual dating, things were still "open," and I bumped into an old college crush at NYC Pride. She and I hit it off well, and began dating long-distance. Slowly, my relationship with Rae turned into a friendship. She began dating someone else as well, only, it was funny--neither of us ever talked about our respective relationships any time we were together with one another--which was all the time. In fact, Rae and I spent more time with each other than we did with our girlfriends.
Slowly, our friendship developed into a best friendship. We were inseparable. In February of '02 there was a huge snowstorm. Rae invited me to go to a bar with her and some friends. While there, I put two-and-two together to figure out she was dating one of the women that was there (a closeted woman, so their relationship had been a secret). I was shocked--not so much at this discovery, but at the discovery that I was insanely jealous!
Long story short, we both ended up realizing that our supposed "best friendship" was a mask for being head-over-heels, meant-to-be love. We broke up with our other girlfriends and have been together ever since.
Our families and friends all completely adore us as a couple and wish us the best in our hopes to marry and unite as a family. We are looking forward to May 2nd, when we have the opportunity to be surrounded by other happy and proud couples.

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