Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Mary & Laurie
Laurie and I met in 1995 at a mutual friend's house. At the time, I had just lost a relationship and really wasn't looking for a new one. We enjoyed each other's company and would meet at events and parties that our friends would hold. We began spending our nights together and had a commitment ceremony in 1997. We have been living in Lansdowne with our three cats since then. However, we had been hearing about the ceremonies in San Francisco and considered going, but the long lines and the daily possibility of the ceremonies being stopped ... along with our lack of funds ... stopped us from going. However, a few weeks ago we heard that New Paltz NY was holding weddings (not just commitment ceremonies) were going on. We decided that, since I had friends who lived in New Paltz that I had met online, it would be a way to visit them and to get married (at least legally in NY). We just came from there and are now married. We are pleased to add our names to the list of those who are married in the eyes of God (and the Goddess) no matter what local and federal law states.

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