Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Koshin & Chodo
Seven years ago, this gorgeous man walked into the temple where I practice. I was struck with awe. After that night, he didn't return. Five years later, he turned up again in the zendo. That whole morning my meditation practice was waiting for the walking meditation—when I got to peek at him. My heart leapt. A friend of mine was volunteering with him at a nearby hospice. Two weeks later she got back to me, and she told me she'd spoken with him about me. A week later, after the Sunday morning meditation, he asked me for my number. From that day on, we saw each other everyday. At the time we were living at opposite sides of the city, but we always made sure to see each other even for five minutes to kiss under an umbrella on a corner in the rain. The past two years have been full of great love—bike rides through Central Park, travels to Japan, being together on silent week and month long meditation retreats, working as hospital chaplains, and keeping the relationship alive with great care. We will get married in the Fall of 2005.
May we live in a country that celebrates all marriages as much as our religious tradition and families do.

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